About us

Next Gen Cyber, LLC is a Cybersecurity Workforce Development Company dedicated to building the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. As part of our mission, we work closely with job seekers and employers to fill open positions requiring qualified cybersecurity talent. Partner with us as we strive to bridge the cyber talent gap. 

Next Gen Cyber LLC - Cybersecurity Workforce Development Model

The global cybersecurity talent gap is real and growing! A study by the Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) projects that by 2022 the shortage of information security professionals will reach 1.8 million.

Today, thousands of cybersecurity jobs are going unfilled.

The challenge to filling these jobs is that most employers require not only academic degrees, technical skills, and professional certifications but also years of experience. There is also a substantial talent pool that possesses some of the required skills and education but lack the real world experience demanded by potential employers. Short of time travel, the only way to fill this gap is through career development and mentorship which will better position our members to fill jobs in both the government and commercial sectors.

Next Gen Cyber LLC was formed for one purpose -- Bridging the cyber talent gap by building the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. We do this by helping aspiring and current information security professionals gain access to career development coaching, discounted training and certifications, conferences and networking events, educational webinars, and job opportunities.

Visit us at www.nextgencyberpros.com to learn more.