The CORE Management Network

  • Tysons, VA, United States

Required Experience and Skills:

Motivation, Innovation, Passion, Integrity, Teamwork, Customer-Focus.

You should also bring the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or similar related degree.
  • Five or more years of experience in a consultative, data modeling role with project management responsibilities.
  • Experience with force.comproducts and services
  • Ability to work with business owners and stakeholders analyze business requirements.
  • Strong analytical skills related to data models and legacy data.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working with an international technical sales force in a public company environment is preferred.


Job Description

The Solution Architect is responsible for owning the overall design of the technical application as well as recommending best practice solutions based on project manager and client business needs. A solution architect maps business requirements to system/technical requirements. They will create data mappings that will enable migration of data from legacy databases into the Salesforce database architecture.

A Solution architect will develop the technical depth of projects and validates the correct resources for the project. The solution architect will also assist the project manager and client in understanding functional differences between the legacy application and the new Salesforce based solution and its effect on the data model and business processes.

The Solution Architect will write a technical spec (for custom development, system integration etc.). A Solution architect often times delegates work to a solution engineer or developer, and will be knowledgeable of the latest releases and Functionality as well as be up to date in latest technology. The Solution Architect has familiarity and firsthand experience with third party solutions that support vertical objectives.

Your focus:

  • Design, implement, and configure applications. Execute complex process modeling and architectural design using best practices in an agile method.
  • Implement 3rd party applications on the platform. Gather business requirements and design integrated solutions for these tools.
  • Develop requirements for Salesforce Developer and assist with deployment process.
  • Perform analysis of legacy data and data models, and advise project manager on client data migration to Salesforce environments and data warehouse repositories;
  • Create and document meta data mappings and transformations to facilitate the extraction, transformation, and loading of legacy data;
  • Oversee and analyze data extracts, data translation, and data cleanup as part of large-scale projects;
  • Assess application configuration and settings to facilitate the data migration process;
  • Provide technical support to partners engaged in data migration