TechLink Resources

We place full time, contract and contract to hire IT professionals. We provide an exclusive, boutique-type service to select companies, deliberately limiting the number of clients with whom we work. This creates a large pool for sourcing candidates and allows us to hone in on our each of our hiring managers’ specific needs and requirements.

At TechLink, the search process is about getting the right person into the right job, in the right amount of time and for the right amount of money. With this in mind, TechLink identifies the top percentage of talent for each position and provides only the candidates that match both technical and personal preferences. You will not be flooded with resumes as this only clutters the selection process. We know that a ‘good fit’ is a two way street, so we recommend and represent candidates to clients only when we believe that this will work well for both parties. Each candidate is thoroughly screened and background checks are done according to our client’s specifications. We stand behind each placement and there is always a decision maker available to take quick action when necessary.

We respond to our clients’ and candidates’ needs immediately, and display flexibility and creativity in finding solutions to any problems that arise.