Embedded Software Engineer

  • Next Gen Cyber LLC
  • Liberating Technologies, Inc. - Holliston, MA
  • Apr 29, 2018
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Job Description

Liberating Technologies, Inc. (LTI) has an immediate opening for a position that requires an individual with an electrical/embedded controls background to perform a number of duties in the field of medical device product design, development, and manufacturing. The ideal candidate would have at least 5 years of relevant industry experience in embedded electronics and control systems development. In addition, any candidate _must_ have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

The Ideal Candidate Has Knowledge Of/Experience With:

* Embedded Systems Design including

* Microcontroller technologies – ARM Cortex-M/megaAVR/PIC/MSP430

* Firmware programming for above (experience with IDEs)

* Multiple digital bus communication protocols (e.g. CAN, I2C, SPI, USB, RS232)

* Real-time analog and digital signal processing, acquisition and logging

* Power management and deployment on portable, battery-powered systems

* Both low-level and applications-level firmware programming and debugging

* Embedded real-time operating systems

* Software requirements creation, testing, and management

* Software documentation, including source code generation tools (e.g. Doxygen, UML)

* Software Versioning tools (e.g. GIT or similar)

* Wireless communication including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE

* LabVIEW for data acquisition and control

Other Areas of Expertise That Would Be Beneficial Include:

* Mobile Application Development (e.g. Android, iOS)

* Graphical user interface (GUI) development

* Embedded electronics hardware design, DSPs

* Mechatronics expertise, motor drive and other actuator control systems

* Data Acquisition and control with LabVIEW

* Scripting experience with MATLAB

* Digital to Analog signal conversion and working with various sensor technologies

* Medical device experience including Human subject data logging privacy (including HIPAA confidentiality)

More tangential, but relevant beneficial skills include:

* Project management

* Team collaboration

* Task management software

* Biological signal acquisition and processing (especially EMG)

* Conducting literature searches and reviews

* Prior work in a rehabilitation engineering field

Ideal Software Skills: Firmware development environments, LabVIEW, MATLAB, MS Office

Ideal Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Python

Tasks will likely include the:

* Design, development and implementation of microcontroller based designs that will be applied to the control of both upper- and lower-limb prosthetic and orthotic devices as well as other rehabilitation technologies. These controllers will accept various sensor inputs and control various outputs (e.g. motors, LEDs, etc.).

* System integration of the various analog and digital sensors/controllers/actuators developed both internally and with our collaborators to develop various devices and conduct product evaluation trials.

* Develop embedded devices such as data loggers to obtain research data in addition to executing control algorithm implementation and actuator control systems.

* Create and manage software requirements and documentation for the control systems and data loggers. Must be able to adapt system requirements developed by the R&D team for projects software requirements.

* Write documentation for project reports and proposals, including functionality summaries, block diagrams, software flow charts, etc.

* Modification/redesign of existing designs to optimize their function for various tasks.

* Work with the R&D team to develop testing rigs for software/hardware-in-the-loop validation of prototype devices. May include integration with common hardware test devices such as various sensors and actuators, power supplies, multimeters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators.

Liberating Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic devices for adults and children that was recently acquired by College Park Industries. The company specializes in high-technology solutions to prosthetic systems with a focus toward powered upper-limb prosthetics. LTI has been in business for fifteen years as a standalone company and in late 2008 began to expand and grow their government funded research program, which will provide a majority of the support for this position.

Examples of projects include developing open source communication tools for the prosthetic industry, creating an instrumented scoliosis brace to monitor the quality of fit to optimize clinical outcomes, developing a powered hand orthosis for musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, developing technologies to remove perspiration and heat from a prosthetic socket, developing portable mechanisms to improve blood flow in dysvascular limbs, improving fabrication techniques for advanced prosthetic sockets, optimizing prosthetic foot selection for an individual based on their balance capabilities, creating innovative hand/wrist controllers based on EMG inputs ,and developing an interface with commercial gaming systems to create a motivational prosthetic training tool.


Bachelor’s Degree

5+ years of Embedded Electronics Experience

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Microcontroller: 2 years
  • Commercial Embedded Firmware Design: 2 years
  • Commercial Embedded Hardware Design: 2 years
  • LabVIEW or MATLAB: 2 years

Required license or certification:

  • Authorization to work in the US without Visa Sponsorship